Where to Find High-End, Modern House and Lots in Cavite

Whether starting a family or simply yearning for a fresher place to relocate to, more and more people have started looking for modern houses and lots in Cavite over the recent years.

Well, if you’re one of these people, let Antel end your search with one of their high-end communities.

ANTEL has taken pride in developing a wide range of properties, each a product of expert planning, innovative design, and top-of-the line facilities for the past 30 years. From vertical developments to horizontal townships, ANTEL has upped the ante in providing homes that are in sync with the needs of its occupants. And their most recent project, Grand Riverdale, is no stranger from this stellar standard.


Grand Riverdale is Antel Land’s final gated community spanning 9 hectares of meticulously planned space. A peaceful cradle of modern houses and lots in Cavite, it boasts of sprawling greens, expansive courtyards, and generous road networks that make it easy for every resident to get to nearby cities and establishments. Apart from these, several other reasons make Grand Riverdale the perfect village for you and your family. Here are a few:


Recreation takes the next level at Grand Riverdale. Regardless of age, different amenities are available around the community. Those who choose to maintain an active lifestyle may enjoy the fenced half basketball court, landscaped jogging paths, and skate park. For more relaxed spending of leisure time, a promenade, open pavilion, and picnic lawn is also available. 

Self care is also a priority at Grand Riverdale making several amenities target to personal developments. These include a spa and sauna, fitness center, and beach pool. 

Of course kids also have their fair share of fun with the presence of a playground and day care center. This also makes it easier for busy parents to unwind, giving them a couple of options where they may let the children enjoy it with minimal supervision.

The entire village is also conducive for all sorts of events and gatherings. Several on-street parallel parking slots are peppered around the village streets. A multi-purpose hall, ballroom, and clubhouse is also available for those wanting to put up events, whether it be for the purpose of celebrating milestones or simply getting together with family and friends.


Properties at the Grand Riverdale also situate you in a location far enough from the noise and pollution of the city, yet still close enough to the urban comforts that you are used to. 

Several shopping malls, hospitals, and other commercial establishments are just a stone’s throw away. Top schools and universities, such as  Elizabeth Seton, Lyceum University Cavite, and De La Salle Zobel, are also just a short distance away.

With Antel’s unrivaled expertise, it’s no longer surprising that its high-end properties sell out quite fast. As a matter of fact, all other villages of The Antel Grand Village are mostly sold out now. But you don’t have to worry because you still have a chance to get that dream modern house and lot in Cavite through Grand Riverdale. Rest assured that Antel will literally leave no stone unturned in its inspired effort to make its last village truly deserving of being the grand finale.

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