Where to Find Your Dream House and Lot Subdivision

Plans have been halted and dreams like owning a Tanza Cavite house and lot subdivision have been postponed to some. The past couple of years have been truly disrupted due to the emergence of the pandemic. 

But Antel Land realizes the importance of achieving goals and having a place to call your own home. This is why even when the world stopped, they pushed through with their construction efforts so that their clients may enjoy the comforts of their dream home as soon as possible.

As a matter of fact, they have just conducted their model unit house blessing before 2021 ended, a perfect symbolism of welcoming 2022 with a property ready to become a haven for its future residents.

Among the model units in this modern Tanza Cavite house and lot in this Subdivision are New York, Tokyo, and Paris. Named after centers of urbanization around the world, these houses offer the same level of class and function.


Perfect for those wanting to start a family, Tokyo features 2 storeys of modern convenience measuring a total of 107.35 square meters, set on a lot spanning 100 square meters. It has 3 bedrooms, a den which can also be converted into a room for guests, a kitchen and dining area, 2 toilet and baths, living area, carport, and of course, a service area which you can convert to a laundry area or anything else that would suit your lifestyle.


Carrying the same luxury of Tokyo, New York offers a relatively larger space for those who want a bigger area. This 2-storey house covers a total of 130.35 square meters standing on a lot that measures 125 square meters. It features 4 bedrooms with its master’s bedroom offering a pleasant view through its connected balcony. Other amenities include 3 toilet and baths, a kitchen, dining area, living area, carport, and a service area. Its exterior also features G.I rib-type roofing, smooth paint finish, powder-coated aluminum windows, and a stylish metal grill accent.


The largest among the 3 model units, Paris gives you the romantic and sophisticated vibe of the world’s fashion capital. Its floor space spans a total of 187.32 square meters, while the total lot area measures a spacious 150 square meters making it perfect for families with more members. It also features the same conveniences the other two houses have, but with an added air of luxury. It carries 4 bedrooms, 3 toilet and baths, kitchen and dining area, living area, carport, and service area. 

Apart from this, it also features a family hall that is directly connected to a balcony giving you more spaces where you can lounge with the kids and enjoy some quality time with the family. Another balcony is also connected to the master’s bedroom allowing you to convert it to yet another place of relaxation in your house. Completing the luxurious experience, Paris also has a lanai where you can lounge in relaxation during your slow days.

Acquiring your own house allows you to rest easy at night knowing that you’ve invested your hard-earned money in something that’s built for generations. And that’s exactly what this Tanza Cavite house and lot subdivision offers!

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