House and Lot in Tanza, Cavite: Top Considerations for Home Buyers

Cavite has indeed become one of the most sought-after addresses in the south, thus the numerous listings for Tanza house and lot for sale. With its ideal location that offers a good distance from the hustle and bustle while maintaining access to the perks of urban living, it’s definitely one of the hottest choices for relocating nowadays.

But not all properties in the area are made the same. Some just rise above the others in terms of the comfort and convenience it offers, along with the improved quality of life it showcases.

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So when browsing Tanza house and lot for sale, what is it exactly that you need to look for to make sure you’re getting a good deal? Let’s dive into the top amenities that would ensure the house you’re getting is worth the purchase.


While houses may offer the same number of rooms and total floor area, it is the lifestyle amenities of the surrounding community that makes the difference. When looking for a house in Tanza, make sure that the village it belongs to carries lifestyle amenities that would fit the way you conduct your life.

An accessible church is a good consideration to keep you and your family in tune with your spirituality. As the old adage goes, the family that prays together, stays together.

Apart from a place of worship, an open plaza that acts as a retail strip would also provide the convenience of having your shopping needs (i.e basic goods and clothing) easily accessible.

Having both of these lifestyle amenities keeps both your physical and spiritual needs addressed.


Another set of amenities to take into consideration are leisure amenities. These provide you an immediate respite from the stresses of life. To keep your mental health in good shape, choose a community that provides you with places that cater to self improvement.

We all know that sometimes, the only difference between being physically active is the distance and travel time it takes to our workout places. That is why the presence of a fitness center, sports venue like basketball courts is a great plus, giving you an opportunity to channel your energy towards something healthy and productive.

Other than the physical and mental benefits of having these facilities close by, it also brings you several chances to interact with friends and family. Which brings us to the next set of amenities.


The past couple of years have deprived us our much needed time to socialize with the people we hold dear. So having places of social interaction in your chosen community should also be a heavy consideration when choosing a Tanza house and lot for sale.

These facilities include open spaces such as pocket parks, pool areas, and even coffee shops. These places allow us to socialize in a more relaxed manner, yet reviving another aspect of our beings.

Venues for gathering such as clubhouses and function rooms are also a plus since they provide a setting for bigger crowds and other more professional dealings.


The combination of these amenities are sure hard to come by in one neighborhood. But with Anyana, this seemingly impossible to complete checklist of amenities becomes plausible.

Inspired by the glitzy Bel-Air of Los Angeles, it is a master planned township that offers more than just opulent residential enclaves and tree-lined spine avenues to luxury seekers.

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You won’t have to worry about ticking all the boxes when it comes to amenities as they provide you with all that are listed above. Starting with sweeping landscaped expanses that feature a charming church, an open plaza, lush greenery and boutique markets, down to recreational and social facilities like interconnected pools, fitness center, playground and pocket parks, Anyana has it all, and more.

This 192-hectare property of Antel Land redefines connected living – melding the lavish comforts of Modern villas tucked away in serene settings, to the conveniences of nearby commercial attractions and places of business, making its high-end units a standout among Tanza house and lot for sale listings.

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